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Welcome to the Ormond Beach Linux User's Group

There are no meetings yet.

Linux is a powerful, flexible OS

So, you have just purchased a new PC and Windows is annoying you with its advertisements. You have lost your start menu and you are worried about being attacked by viruses.

What is the alternative for a PC?

Linux! Free open source software that is flexible and powerful. It can do everything you want to do with a PC. There is an abundance of free software for it. It is not vulnerable to the viruses that attack Windows.

Don't worry about those few Windows apps that you might want/need. You can install Crossover. Crossover will allow you to install and run many Windows apps on your Linux system. You can find it here.

Make computing fun again. Install Linux today!

Feel free to email me at the address below with any questions regarding Linux, or if you have any interest in starting a local User's Group.

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by John D. Marks