Paal Verbs



Close or Shut

You create the infinitive by adding a lamed prefix and a vav im cholam between the second and the third letters of the shoresh.


To close or to shut.

Present Tense


Masculine Singular סגֵר
Feminine Singular סגֶרֶת
Masculine Plural סגְרִים
Feminine Plural סגְרוֹת

Past Tense

To conjugate a paal verb in the past tense, start with the third person masculine singular. I am going to show you a table with all the conjugations, but you can pretend that we started it with only the fourth row filled in.

1 סָגַרְתִּי אני
2 סָגַרְתָּ אתה
3 סָגַרְתְּ את
4 סָגַר הוּא
5 סָגְרָה היִא
6 סָגַרְנוּ אֲנַחְנוּ
7 סְגַרְתֶּם\ן אתם\ן
8 סָגְר הם\ן

Future Tense

Future tense is similar, but there is an additional rule. The rule is suffix deletes the vav. We begin again with the third person masculine singular.

1 אֶסְגוֹר אני
2 תִּסְגוֹר אתה
3 תִּסְגְּרִי את
4 יִסְגוֹר הוּא
5 תִּסְגּוֹר היא
6 נִסְגּוֹר אנחנו
7 תִּסְגְּרוּ אתם\ן
8 יִסְגְּרוּ הם\ן


In imperative we also have the rule of suffix deletes the vav.

1 סְגר אתה
2 סִגְרִי את
3 סְגְּר אתם\ן