Hopefully, Google Will Be Brought Down a Peg or Two

July 23, 2020

This paragraph pretty much explains why I hope that the free market will take Google down a peg or two:

Google is about to take one giant step into directly shaping the prevailing media narrative.

One month after Google made news by banning ads on websites – such as this one – for violating its terms of service when it comes to “derogatory” material (a purposefully amorphous concept), the world’s leading search engine and internet advertising monopoly which controls 70% of online ad spending, will take an even more aggressive step. According to CNBC, starting on August 18, Google will “ban publishers from using its ad platform next to content that promotes conspiracy theories about Covid-19.” Additionally, “in cases where a particular site publishes a certain threshold of material that violates these policies, it will ban the entire site from using its ad platforms.”

In short, anyone who deviates from the conventionally accepted narrative, or as CNBC puts it challenges the “authoritative scientific consensus” on the coronavirus pandemic will be promptly demonetized.

Google is a private company and it is certainly free to choose whom it wishes to spend its advertising dollars on, but it has 70 percent of the market. Again, I am not advocating government intervention here. Perhaps this represents an opportunity for other budding entrepreneurs. Perhaps government rules and regulations are presenting barriers to the entry of competitors into the search engine market place.

Science is never certain. In order to arrive at “truth” “science” needs to be continually questioned. That is how science works and that is where its power lies. Science is made up of hypotheses that are continually tested by experiments and even when we think we have something, the testing needs to continue. This is especially true with something extremely complex such as a pandemic infecting a population. There are an incredible number of variables at play and science works when you can control all the variables. You have to control all the variables in order to establish a cause and effect relationship. Otherwise you are left with a correlation only and that could be coincidental. Control of all the variables is impossible in real life, especially when you are dealing with billions of living organisms in different environments. This means that different points of view and dialogues are vital to arriving at the truth and it may also mean that science is not applicable to the problem of a “pandemic”. In other words it may not be possible to apply science to the mythical “collective”, because of the inability to control all the variables. This is not to say that science is never applicable to anything. It has been successfully applied to many “problems” and you cannot argue with success.

If one company controls most of the advertising dollars and threatens to cut off people that don’t hold to its views, the dialogue is shut down and what are we left with? Google’s opinion.

There is an old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” We could up date this to, “Don’t put all your questions in one search engine.”