Florida Teachers Want Schools Closed

August 7, 2020

The Florida teacher’s union has filed a lawsuit seeking to keep schools closed:

“The Florida Education Association last month filed a lawsuit against Gov. Ron DeSantis, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran and other defendants, alleging that a July 6 order issued by Corcoran violates the state Constitution, which guarantees Floridians the right to “safe” and “secure” public education.
But the governor and Corcoran this week asked a Miami-Dade County circuit judge to toss out the lawsuit, calling it a “misguided effort to obtain a judicial mandate that forbids any school in the state from providing in-person instruction to any student.”

Corcoran’s order requires all school districts to reopen brick-and-mortar schools at least five days a week sometime in August, unless state and local health officials direct otherwise.”

Here is governor DeSantis’s position:

“As the virus has continued to spike throughout Florida in recent weeks, DeSantis has repeatedly said that families need to be able to choose whether to have their children return to classrooms or continue to learn from home.”


I recommend that governor DeSantis go one further and tell the teachers that it is fine for them to stay home without pay and then open the market place to non-union teachers that want to go into business. The non-union teachers should be free to make whatever contractual arrangements that suit them and the parents of the students.

I am sure this won’t happen, but it is nice to dream.

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