Meaningless “Data”

July 24, 2020

We are bombarded daily with “statistics” regarding “new cases”. These “statistics” are worthless and in-fact are harmful. These “statistics” incite panic. We do not get meaningful statistics until we speak about people with clinical signs of the disease (symptoms).

Here is a perfect example from Reuters:

“July 20 (Reuters) – Florida reported 10,347 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, the sixth day in a row the state has announced over 10,000 new infections.

Florida reported 92 new deaths on Monday, bringing the state’s death toll to 5,183. (Writing by Lisa Shumaker)”

That is the entire “story”. It is utterly worthless. Obviously the intent here is to create fear. There was no discussion regarding the identification of the new “infections” and it was only implied that “92 new deaths on Monday,” were from COVID-19. This article by Neil A. Kurtzman, MD explains why these “statistics” are worse than worthless:

“It should be obvious from the data above that all the testing we have done and continue to do has likely confused more than enlightened. The virus is real and in the wild. How should we effectively deal with it? The best indicator of our status is how many people are in the hospital because of a clinical diagnosis of viral pneumonia. More specifically, how many are in the ICU. Note that testing here is unnecessary, as the assumption today is that any case of viral pneumonia is caused by the coronavirus.”

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