Joe Biden and Zero Emissions Dream

Tue 14 Jul 2020 07:24:51 AM EDT

This should not be interpreted as support for the Republican party.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is talking about taking command of of our economy and making it “zero-emission” (spoiler alert – this is the bone for the AOC/Sanders folks):

‘What many readers thought was the Biden plan is actually the work of a separate group headed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and John Kerry that includes supporters of both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders who are attempting to find common ground with each other. There are a number of so-called “unity groups” who hope to shape the final policy initiatives of a Biden presidency, which is appearing much more likely as the current occupant of the Offal Office continues to flail against a virus pandemic he takes as a personal affront.

According to The Hill, the AOC/Kerry task force plan includes a goal of eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035, achieving net-zero emissions for all new buildings by 2030, and making energy saving upgrades to as many as 4 million buildings and 2 million households within five years.

“The Unity Task Force urges that we treat climate change like the emergency that it is and answer the crisis with an ambitious, unprecedented, economy-wide mobilization to decarbonize the economy and build a resilient, stronger foundation for the American people,” the plan states.

It further calls for a significant investment in renewable energy, including installing 500 million solar panels and manufacturing 60,000 wind turbines. Contrary to the policies of the current administration, it recommends the adoption of “strong standards” for clean cars and trucks and the transition of all school buses to American-made, zero-emission alternatives within five years.’

I think people are in for a rude awakening, if they decide to rely upon wind and solar panels. They will not have electricity available for consumption when they want it. They will not be able to charge their Tesla when it suits them. They might be able to have their electricity when they want it, if all that wind and solar is backed up with natural gas or coal fired power plants, but that would clearly defeat the purpose. It would defeat the purpose, because those plants would need to be running constantly, in order to be ready to supply electricity when the clouds blocked the sun or the wind died down.

I hope that everyone sees this for what it is – useless pandering designed to get someone in office, who can then squander taxpayer dollars on his friends. The “other” party – the Republicans – do this also, in fact they started this game. They tried for years to get this going, but the Constitution kept getting in their way. Abraham Lincoln finally succeeded in really getting this type of program going. If you want to learn more, look into Henry Clay and the “American System”.

Ironically, the Democrats used to oppose the American System and now they use it to the fullest.

This may be off topic, but ask yourself how a private business knows if it is serving its audience (ie. it is popular). It does this by measuring profit and loss. If the business experiences a loss, it knows its product
is not popular and it will fail. If it experiences a profit, it knows it is popular and should keep doing what it is doing.

Government programs, such as the one being discussed by the Joe Biden campaign are not subject to this discipline. When a government program does poorly (like public education), there are simply calls for more funding. Thus, instead of being subjected to the discipline a private business deals with, the government program is insulated and continues.

France and Germany have both pursued “green” energy programs. France based its program on nuclear reactors and Germany based its on wind and solar. Guess which nation has the cheapest electricity and the least C02 emissions. Spoiler alert – it isn’t Germany.

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