June 26, 2020

I run Linux on all my home computers. I have a copy of M$ Windows, but it is not installed at the moment. I will only use it when forced. Those occasions are very rare.

My favorite MUA (Mail User Agent) is mutt. It is light and fast. You do not need a rodent (mouse) to use it and it is very customizable.

Recently I changed email servers. I used to run one at home, but email servers are complex and I had never gotten around to installing and setting up web mail. Needless to say, if you have many devices, web mail is almost a necessity. I changed my email server to PrivateEmail. The service is very good and it is well priced. It comes with different apps, like a calendar and drive. I am not a big fan of using the web browser for email and wanted to get back to my favorite MUA – mutt.

I set mutt up to get mail from PrivateEmail, but I kept getting a message, “tls_socket_write (TLS connection was non-properly terminated)” and the mailbox would close. It took a while to figure out why. Adding these two lines to my muttrc file seems to have fixed the problem:
set imap_check_subscribed=”yes”
set imap_list_subscribed=”yes”.

I think you also need this:
set imap_keepalive = 900 (I am using 150, but I have read that 900 should meet the RFC requirements).

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