Isn’t Secession the Civilized Way to Dissent?

A struggle has been going on in Virginia. Ostensibly it is a struggle between gun control advocates and second Amendment advocates. It may really be a struggle between rural areas and urban areas. The rural areas do not want the second Amendment abridged. The urban areas argue for abridging it. It seems to me that the urban areas really want/need a Constitutional amendment. There is an easier and more peaceful way – Secession:

As Mises noted, to force members of conflicting groups to live side by side within a single jurisdiction is problematic to say the least. It only encourages each side to become ever more fanatical in its drive to gain control of the machinery of government so as to oppress the other side. This is why Mises presented his plan as a means of avoiding violence: increasingly intense competition over centralized institutions of political power tends to lead to violence in the long term. The answer lies in decentralization and secession. Conversely, the potential for violence is minimzed by minimizing the state’s power. In the presence of a mostly laissez-faire government, neither side has much reason to worry about who controls the state. But the stakes climb ever higher as the state gains more power over peoples’ lives.

But “minimizing state power” certainly isn’t what is going on in Virginia right now. If anything, the state is moving very much in the opposite direction. In a prudent and flexible political system, those parts of the state dominated by the now out-of-power groups would be permitted to join themselves to regimes more in line with their cultures and ideological views. But we do not live in a prudent and flexible political system. We live in a system where the dictates of “democracy” are such that whichever group finds itself in the minority must submit to the elected ruling regime. “Or else.” No other option is permitted. This is a road that often leads to violence, either by private parties, or by the regime against the people.

It is too bad that we don’t have MOAR freedom.

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