The Trump Impeachment Charade is Not New

Politically motivated impeachments do not appear to be new. David Byrne said in “Once in a Lifetime”, “Same as it ever was”:

This is from Lew Rockwell’s site:

Andrew Johnson, a Tennessee Democrat, stood with the Republican Union of Abe Lincoln. Consequently, Lincoln chose Johnson as his Vice President in his 1864 reelection campaign. When Lincoln was assassinated, Johnson became president.

President Johnson took to heart Lincoln’s emphasis on restoring comity between North and South. Consequently, Johnson opposed the harsh, exploitative, and demeaning policies of the Republican Congress during Reconstruction. He didn’t see how the Union could be restored on the basis of dispossession of Southerners, rape of Southern women, and the infliction of general humiliation on a conquered people.

The fanatical Republican Congress, however, was set on punishment and humiliation of the South. By blocking some of the most extreme Reconstruction measures, Johnson aroused the same enmity against himself as the Republicans had toward the South.  A series of disputes between the President and the Republican Congress led to a resolution of impeachment drafted by the Congressional Joint Committee on Reconstruction.

The United States government routinely uses its money as an incentive for countries to behave a certain way. We know that Mr. Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid from the Ukraine, if they did not fire a prosecutor, who was investigating his son, and then he bragged that Ukraine fired him.

I think it is pretty clear the impeachment is just politics as it was when Mr. Johnson was impeached.

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