Was Virginia About Guns or Rural Versus Urban Populations?

Thank G_d that the Lobby Day in Virginia on Monday was peaceful. An article on Mises today suggests that what we saw may not be so much about the right to bear arms as a rural environment versus an urban environment, and the urban environment being able to out vote the rural environment.

This is from Mises:

“To a certain degree, the showdown in Virginia is really only superficially about guns. It also represents the valid anxiety that has arisen as the state’s rural population finds itself increasingly powerless in the face of rapidly expanding political power wielded by high-population centers.”

Politically urban environments will always have MOAR power than rural environments and each of those environments have different needs due to their differing population densities. In an urban environment a person may be able to trust his/her self-defense to the police because they are able to respond to a call faster. In a rural environment there may be a long time before anyone is able to respond to a call for help with an armed intruder and thus there is a real need to be armed for self-defense.

I think most people think about a democracy as a way to have some self-determination and it is not just about pooling the most money possible. The Civil War showed us otherwise, but ideally I think democracy should be about self-determination. If that is the case, perhaps government jurisdictions should be smaller and perhaps each one should be composed of like minded people – like birds of a feather, flock together. The downside might be the “news” would be less entertaining!

MOAR democracy!

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