Welcome to our site! This is our homepage, where you will find commentary on various things. I think you will find our view is colored by the Torah and seeking liberty.

It says this on our Liberty Bell:

“Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof,”

Leviticus 25:10

MOAR Liberty!

What We Are About

I hope that I can help teach a little about freedom/liberty and responsibility. Freedom and responsibility are two sides to the same coin. You cannot have one without the other.


Electoral College

Monday, 23 November 2020 Many people think the Electoral College should be eliminated. I agree with them (probably not for the same reason), but they may not have thought this proposition through. Wouldn’t elimination of the Electoral College mean MOAR “democracy” because Presidents would be elected directly by popular vote, rather than indirectly? Perhaps, but …

Choosing Electors for the Electoral College is State Business

November 13, 2020 I tend to think the current “election” fiasco is much ado about nothing. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that requires a “popular” vote for President. Instead the Constitution says in Article II: Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may …

World Economy Is Dependent Upon Fed Inflation

Thu 08 Oct 2020 06:43:56 AM EDT The world “economy” is dependent upon Fed inflation and Fed inflation isprobably dependent upon Congressional spending. After all the Federal Reserve banks must pledge collateral” for each dollar they want to create and they have created quite the mountain of them since this past spring. Government treasuries supposedly …


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